Kate Alterio - Words Fall Like Water (2012)

Words Fall Like Water was born through observations made during meditations and reflections on the transitory nature of the physical world and of human experience.

Every second we are graced with opportunities to embrace life. The past no longer exists and the future is a projection. The present moment is the place where our lives unfold.

These paintings invite the viewer into the space between stillness and intensity. The contrast between strong masculine lines and soft feminine edges allude to the dual nature of the human condition. The horizontal and vertical plains represent the integration of opposites, spiritual and material, feminine and masculine, yin and yang. Torn paper hints at the world’s fragility and the ephemeral nature of our existence but also to the layers within one's self.

In this ever-changing world awareness is constant - all else has the potential to fall away. Yet life is a tapestry of moments and although bound by impermanence our experiences can change our internal worlds forever.

Between Shadow and Light

Endings Create Beginnings

Ephemeral Light

Open Hands

Every Moment is Fleeting

The Energy of Restraint

Trail of Light

Heart of Fire

Somewhere between
Breath and Decay

Open Page

Hum of the Universe

Chamber of Echoes

Installation photos