Kate Alterio - Sacred (2015)

'Sacred' is my ode to the honey bee.

Historically bees and beehives have been held in high esteem throughout the world. Bees have an incredible work ethic and function in harmony to achieve a common goal. They support not only their colony but perpetuate floral growth, produce honey, bee propolis, royal jelly and wax, pollinate agricultural goods and enable the human race to thrive. Without them the world as we know it would be a very different place. The relationship that bees have with nature is one of benefit and enhancement, a beautiful illustration of unity and working towards the greater good.

Bees are incredible architects and mathematicians. Sacred geometric forms are the basic building blocks of our universe so it's no surprise that these tiny insects chose a hexagon for the hive. Not only is it a sacred form but the hexagon is also the most efficient shape as it stores the most amount of honey while using the least amount of wax, which indicates the deep intelligence of bees.

They are essential to our survival and symbolise unity, renewal, immortality, resurrection, new beginnings, and community. We have a lot to learn from these small yet powerful insects.

Sacred II

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