Kate Alterio - Profile

My journey as an artist has taken a circuitous route, beginning with contemporary jewellery, moving into painting and more recently to photography. I find it deeply satisfying to work with different media, pushing my personal and technical boundaries to express ideas in multiple ways. Each medium has a different quality: the precision of jewellery, the fluid nature of painting, and capturing and holding time with photography.

I am a great believer in responding to the natural flow of life and embracing opportunities as they arise. Several mentors have contributed to my development as an artist: Dorthe Kristensen in jewellery, Claire Beynon in painting, and Heinz Sobiecki, James Gilberd and John Williams in photography. Each experience was transformative, opening doors for me to explore and discover different aspects of myself.

Through creative expression, I connect the spiritual and physical worlds, bringing the formless into the world of form. I often explore diversity, human connectedness, physical, metaphysical and spiritual themes. My conceptual approach questions the relationships between ego and consciousness, duality and paradox, and liminality and transformative processes.

For me, the process of creating is somewhat meditative as it requires presence. Each medium calls for a unique approach. At times, different media and themes cross over or respond to each other in ways that inspire new directions or suggest solutions to technical challenges. The act of creation requires faith. It is rare to know everything when I start a new body of work. Often there is an unfolding journey that I must trust in and surrender to. My intention is to create a sense of stillness and potency in my work that invites viewers to feel a corresponding resonance within themselves.

My work is held in private and corporate collections in New Zealand and overseas.

Solo Exhibitions -

2016     At the Edge of Eternity, an Open Door, Gallery Thirty Three, Wanaka.
2013     Beyond Time & Space, Royal Jewellery Studio, Auckland.
2011     Somewhere In-between, Photospace Gallery, Wellington.
2011     Conceal-Reveal, The Arthouse, Christchurch.

Selected Exhibitions - Duos/Trios -

2016     Balance, with Claire Beynon, Kyla Cresswell and Di Conway, The Artist Room, Dunedin.
2014     Listen for the Whisper, with Anna Muirhead, Gallery Thirty Three, Wanaka.
2013     In Dialogue, with Claire Beynon and Olav Nielsen, The Artist Room, Dunedin.
2012     Words Fall Like Water, with Kate Fitzharris, Gallery 33, Wanaka.
2007     Unity, with Hayley Inder, Gallery Thirty Three, Wanaka.

Collaborations -

2011     Alchemy, with Claire Beynon, The Artist room, Dunedin.
2010     Alchemy, with Claire Beynon, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2009     Alchemy, with Claire Beynon, Gallery Thirty-Three, Wanaka.

Group Exhibitions -

2016     Lustre, Quoil Gallery, Wellington
2016     Christmas Show, Gallery Thirty Three, Wanaka
2016     Christmas Show, The Artist Room, Dunedin
2016     Ring Show, Quoil Gallery, Wellington
2016     12th Birthday Anniversary Show,The Artist Room, Dunedin
2015     Christmas Show, The Arist Room, Dunedin
2015     Earrings Show, A + E Gallery, Napier
2015     Ring Show, Quoil Gallery, Wellington
2015     11th Birthday Anniversary Show, The Artist Room, Dunedin
2015     Matariki, Quoil Gallery, Wellington
2015     Attachment, Quoil Gallery, Wellington
2015     Imbued, The Artist Room, Dunedin
2015     Over the River and Through the Woods, Quoil Gallery, Wellington
2015     National Jewellery Exhibition, Kina NZ Design + Artspace, New Plymouth
2014     Hark, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2014     Christmas show, Gallery Thirty Three, Wanaka.
2014     Christmas show, The Artist Room, Dunedin.
2014     Ring show, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2014     Brooch Show, Royal Jewellery Studio, Auckland.
2014     10th Birthday Anniversary Show, The Artist Room, Dunedin.
2014     Aotearoa, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2014     National Jewellery Exhibition, Kina NZ Design + Artspace, New Plymouth
2013     X, Gallery Thirty Three, Wanaka.
2013     Christmas Show, The Artist Room, Dunedin.
2013     Peek, Anderson Park Art Gallery, Invercargill.
2013     Kindling, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2013     The Unbroken Circle, Royal Jewellery Studio, Auckland.
2013     Aotearoa, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2013     Ring Show, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2012     On Your Wings, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2012     On Your Wings, Royal Jewellery Studio, Auckland.
2012     On Your Wings, Gallery 33, Wanaka.
2012     Christmas Show, The Artist Room, Dunedin.
2012     Wishlist II, Form Gallery, Christchurch.
2012     Twinkel Twinkle, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2012     Neckpiece, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2011     Seventh Birthday Show, The Artist Room, Dunedin.
2011     Paperworks VII, The Artist Room, Dunedin.
2010     Infinite Possibilities, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2010     Ring Master, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2010     Aotearoa, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2009     Chop Chop, Gallery Thirty-Three, Wanaka.
2009     Wandering, Form Gallery, Christchurch.
2009     Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, Royal Jewellery Studio, Auckland.
2009     Christmas Show, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2009     Fifth Birthday Show, The Artist Room, Dunedin.
2009     More than 1, Quadrant Gallery, Dunedin.
2008     Neckwear, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2008     I See Red, Quoil Gallery, Wellington.
2007     Ladies and Gentlemen, Form Gallery, Christchurch.
2007     Friendly Fire, Vilders Gallery, Wellington.
2006     Jouel, Emerge Gallery, Wellington.
2006     Hinged, Tamarillo Gallery, Wellington.
2005     Eight, Emerge Gallery, Wellington.