Kate Alterio - Conceal / Reveal (2011)

I have long been interested in notions of revelation and concealment; in this new body of work I contemplate these themes. In our journey through life, we are continually engaged in a process of opening and closing doors, of revealing and concealing. We live with many more questions than answers. Do we ever catch more than a small glimpse of the endlessly mysterious whole?

In this series paintings are set behind sandblasted glass. The frames are riveted together with hand-made stainless steel and brass rivets. The combination of solid and transparent materials alludes to the relationship between our physical and spiritual worlds, providing me with a material context within which to explore different ways of seeing.

A special thanks to Claire Beynon, Boofa Hobbs, Alan Rennie, Graham Burgess, Alan Stocker, Paul Craig, Dorthe Kristensen, Samuel Hulkes, Amanda Bean, Olaf Wehr-Candler, Tomas van Ammers, Mel James, Peter Gregg and Norma Dutton, who have all in their own way helped me actualize this collection. Without human kindness where would we be?

Conceal / Reveal is dedicated to Claire Beynon, a wonderful friend and mentor.

Into the unknown

As above, so below

The possibility

Beneath the surface

The entrance

Conceal - Reveal

Until we meet again


The divide


Somewhere in-between


Installation photos